Penson & CO. Super Quiet Automatic Electric Hand Dryer

Penson & CO. Super Quiet Automatic Electric Hand Dryer

Penson & CO. Automatic Hand Dryer

If you are the kind of person who hates the increased consumption of paper towels and wants to replace it with a better option, this PENSON & CO. automatic hand dryer is for you. With this electric hand dryer, you will be able to enjoy convenient and hygienic hand drying without any risk of bacteria. To create an even quieter airflow, it has a noise-canceling system that ensures zero noise during its activation. Its HEPA filtration system blows out strong yet hygienic air that dries hands in mere seconds.

The PENSON & CO. consumes little energy and saves you yearly expenses of paper towels. Due to its sleek design, this hand dryer can be placed innovatively to match the interior of your restroom. It is a perfect solution, thanks to its impressive few seconds drying feature.

The electric hand dryers are a little expensive as compared to other bathroom accessories but it’s worth spending the money on because you get amazing comfort and stylish bathroom fitting. It is the best alternative to paper towels for better hygiene in busy bathrooms. Easy to use and fast but has to be handled with care and maintained regularly.

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The PENSON & CO. automatic electric hand dryer is recommended for its sleek design and powerful performance. It has a stylish look covered with an anti-fingerprint and anti-stain silver matte cover shell and ABS. The manufacturers of PENSON have claimed that its durable body is long-lasting and resistant to rust or scratches. It provides a sophisticated look and requires the dimension of 7 x 10 x 9 with a gross weight of 8 lbs when mounted on the wall.

The incredible wind speed of 95 m/s dries the hands in only 10 seconds. This hand dryer has an already installed noise reduction nozzle which can lessen the degree of sound up to 10 decibels. A voltage of 100-127 volts is provided to run this unit. The power motor of 500 watts and the rated motor of 1100 watts is fixed. One thing which makes it customer-friendly is that it consumes 80% lesser energy than other hand dryers. The sensing distance can be adjusted between +5 to -1 inches.

The built-in filters are highly efficient and capture even the tiniest dust particles, making the hand-drying process much more hygienic.


  • Incredibly fast performance
  • Less power consumption
  • Easily Mounted on the Wall
  • Elegant and Durable ABS Cover


  • A little complicated to installation

PENSON has a very sturdy built quality that has a built-in filter to capture even the smallest dust particles. This commercial automatic hand dryer hygienically dries the hands as you move your wet hands under its infrared sensor. Despite of its powerful performance, it does not produce any noise. Thanks to its noise-canceling system that ensures its quiet performance under fast speed.

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If you are fed up with your average hand dryer that consumes high energy, PENSON & CO. electric hand dryer is worth your investment. Just replace your electric hand dryer with this stylish unit that also cuts down the electricity bills considerably.

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  • Hi
    Can you please advise me what the noise level is on this product in dB’s (decibel’s)

    Thank You

    • Dear Ian, it’s totally technical question. However, this hand dryer allows a noise reduction nozzle that reduces the sound level by about 1 to 10 decibels (dB) compared with other best models. And it’s up to you which number you like for better adjustment. Thanks