World Dryer SLIMdri L-971 Hand Dryer Review

World Dryer SLIMdri L-971 Hand Dryer Review

World Dryer SLIMdri L-971 Review

At present, the electric hand dryer is one of the essential gears in modern bathrooms and commercial washrooms. Instead of using a paper towel and creating more mess in the environment, it is better to install an electric hand dryer. When looking for the best automatic hand dryer, there are a few factors which you should consider. From speed to design to hygiene, every factor plays its role.

The plastic dryers are cheaper, but in places with high traffic of people, you might want to get a model with the aluminum cover which is highly valued for its anti-vandal qualities. The World Dryer L-971 is a star performer when it comes to drying hands quickly. This ADA-compliant hand dryer is a surface-mounted dryer with a very nice power output which makes it super fast.

The World Dryer SLIMdri L-971 is 4” and one of the very few hand dryers that can be mounted without having to cut a hole in the wall. You won’t need any separate recess kit for its installation. Therefore, you don’t require any extra installation costs.

Talking about the design, the World Dryer L-971 has a brushed chrome aluminum cover with SteriTouch antimicrobial technology. The fixed nozzle is constructed of die-cast zinc alloy and finished with high-gloss black epoxy paint. Advanced SteriTouch technology helps reduce the growth of harmful organisms such as bacteria, mold, and fungi. The motor throws out the clean air that dries hands while ensuring no bacterial contamination.

The built-in motor gets activated automatically by an infrared sensor as soon as the hands come beneath the air outlet.  As soon as the user’s hands are removed from under the unit, the drying cycle is terminated. The sensor is sensitive and it saves lots of energy as well. The L-971 has a high-speed motor in it and takes about 18 – 20 seconds to dry hands.

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  • Up to 70% less energy than competitive dryers
  • Surface-mounted  and ADA compliant dryer
  • ON/OFF heat control to customize comfort
  • Ultra-compact and contemporary stylish design
  • Incorporates SteriTouch® antimicrobial technology


  • A bit noisier as compared to other models

World Dryer SLIMdri all L Series Manual File

World Dryer Slimdri Manual File

Final Words

The World Dryer SLIMdri L-971 is one of the high-quality hand dryers available in the market. The powerful motor and sturdy design make it a perfect hand for heavy-duty usage. Besides being powerful, it does not consume a lot of energy. With its sensitive sensors, the dryer automatically gets on/off with the movement of hands. Don’t miss the chance to use this awesome hand dryer. Just pick it this instant and enjoy the performance.

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