AjAir Commercial Hand Dryer Review | Heavy Duty Hot Hand Dryer

AjAir Commercial Hand Dryer Review | Heavy Duty Hot Hand Dryer

AjAir Commercial Hand Dryer

An Automatic Hand Dryer is a very hygienic addition to the home or commercial space. You cannot deny the fact that how effectively hand dryers have replaced the paper haul clogged in sinks or bathtubs. At present, an electric hand dryer is one of the popular fittings in a modern bathrooms.

The fast hand dryers dry wet hands quickly, so you don’t have to wait long. Also without putting any physical effort, the electric hand dryer starts working, only by sensing your hands.

Picking up a quality hand dryer which is high in performance and smart in design is not easy especially when you get to have so many popular companies around.

AjAir Heavy Duty Hand Dryer is a blend of quality and class. It is one of the fastest electric hand dryers available in the market that delivers performance quickly and hygienically. With the power of 1800 watts, AjAir dries hands quickly. Talking about the design quality, AjAir is made of tough and premium quality materials which make it a long-lasting hand dryer.

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With its automatic sensing motor, AjAir gets activated without any touch. The design is integrated with modern chip control technology which makes it ideal for commercial usage. The infrared sensor senses hands from an adjustable distance of 12 cm.

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AjAir Commercial Hand Dryer is available in various colors which you can choose according to your choice. This automatic hand dryer has a very easy wall-mounted installation and the stainless steel cover prevents it from any corrosion and rust.


  • High-Speed Motor
  • Heavy Duty Built Quality
  • Easy to Mount on Wall
  • Dry hands within 10-12 seconds


  • A Little Expensive

Final Words
If you expect a busy restroom or there are more people in your household, this is the perfect choice for you. The manufacturers of this high-quality hand dryer claim that the motor will stand against rust, wear or tear.

The sensor is sensitive and it saves lots of energy as well. AjAir has a very heavy-duty motor that makes it a perfect fit for public places like Schools, Cafes, Salons, Gyms, and Restaurants. Don’t miss the chance to use this awesome hand dryer. – Just pick it today and enjoy the performance. Check Price here

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