The electric hand dryers have produced a very positive impact in controlling the paper waste. Gone are the days when the paper towels was the only way to dry wet hands in public washrooms or office space. Paper towels or tissues have miserably disturbed the environment and created a very negative impact.

The manufactures of electric hand dryers have come up with the idea of reducing paper waste and to replace it with a better and hygienic option. Typically, hand dryers are designed to effectively dry your hands after visiting the bathroom. They are fast, reliable, stylish and long-lasting.

The Bobrick TrimDry B-7128 Series Hand Dryer is enriched with high performance and eco-friendly features. From design to working, this electric hand dryer is tremendous in every way. It is constructed with high quality of stainless steel materials with high-gloss white epoxy paint finish. Its beautiful covering enhances the style of a bathroom.

QuietDry Series is uniquely designed to have a sound pressure level of 70 dB which creates no distraction while drying hands. A built-in electronic sensor automatically energizes the dryer on when hands are held under air-outlet opening and across the path of sensor. Similarly, the dryer is turned off when hands are removed. It comes with dual air outlets that provide a swirling circulation of airflow. It’s just a matter of 25 seconds to get completely dry hands with The Bobrick.


  • Touch-free auto-sensor
  • ADA surface mounted hand dryer
  • Touch-free auto-sensor
  • Dual air outlets and Attractive design
  • satin stainless steel cover


  • Takes a bit longer drying time

Final words

Not only for home, but this electric hand dryer is also excellent for commercial use as well. With its sturdy and long-lasting design, it can be mounted in any public place for continuous operation. It has a powerful motor that works phenomenally without creating loud operating sound. The sensors start working the moment you put your hands under the outlet.

Bobrick stainless steel hand dryer is a perfect fit for everyone who wants to have a high-performing hand dryer covered in a stylish case.