FCH Automatic Hand Dryer for Hotel & Commercial Use

FCH Automatic Hand Dryer for Hotel & Commercial Use

FCH Hand Dryer

Say Good-Bye to a paper towel with the automatic hand dryers which dry your completely wet hands in just 12 seconds. The mess of used paper towels when clogged in a sink or bathtub looks awful. Also from the hygiene point of view, paper towels or tissue papers do not produce any positive effects on health. The wet paper sticks to fingers and generates tons of waste which you need to get rid of all the time.

This is the reason why electric hand dryers have created hype in the market. These electric devices are capable of dispersing water on your hands with a cold and strong airflow that dries your hands in a matter of seconds. While the market is full of a variety of hand dryers, choosing a powerful and affordable hand dryer is tricky.

FCH Hand Dryer is an inexpensive hand dryer that powerfully blows the air out and warms up wet hands in about 30 seconds. It has a 1200 W motor that produces air at a moderate 33 mph. The beautifully made neutral-white ABS polymer cover is resistant to heat and shock. This automatic hand dryer turns the unit off when it gets too hot. This automatic performance makes it smart and convenient to use.

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Talking about the size, FCH Household Hotel Commercial Hand Dryer is very compact and easy to install. Just mount it on a wall with a couple of screws and power it up with a wall plug. It is quieter than your expectations and a great solution for places like public rooms or small office bathrooms.

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  • Quietest as compared to many other models.
  • Comprises of superfine filters.

  • Pretty long drying time.

Final words:

FCH Automatic Commercial Hand Dryer is a very simple yet stylish surface-mounted hand dryer for public areas, cafes, schools, small washrooms, and restaurants. This is probably the quietest electric hand dryer that does not require any extra maintenance expenses. It is made of durable materials to ensure that it lasts for a maximum lifespan. Also, the instructions for installation are very simple and require no extra effort.

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