When Replace Your Bathroom Vanity? These 4 Signs That Tell You.

When Replace Your Bathroom Vanity? These 4 Signs That Tell You.

Replace Your Bathroom Vanity

If it’s been quite sometime now that you have been using a bathroom with the same decor and features; especially the bathroom vanity which has been sitting there for over two decades, it’s time you consider giving yourself a break. Yes! The time has come for you to get the vanity changed and along with that the décor too needs to be remodeled.

Talking about the vanity, it’s perhaps the usual cabinet-cum-sink feature which you wake up to every morning. Many homeowners feel confused when they are asked to change their cabinets probably because they are not aware of the time is right for them to get the vanity replaced with a new one.

An unsightly sink or a cabinet which seems to be falling out of its frame with its doors being loosened over time needs a change. In the next few lines, we will discuss the signs that straight away prompt householders to get new bathroom vanities wholesale:

Signs Suggesting you Need to Change the Bathroom Vanity

Want to know when to change the old bathroom vanity? Have a look at these prominent signs:

When You Want to Sell Your Property

Okay! So, you have decided to sell your property? One of the many things which potential buyers consider during a property tour is its condition and a bathroom is supposedly one of those less prioritised areas, where homeowners want to invest. So, maybe the first thing that a client will want to see during their visit to your home is the bathroom.

That’s why this place needs to be remodeled and must be made to look luxurious to earn additional points. The house tour is going to be a hit when you consider replacing the old bathroom vanity with a new and updated vanity. After all no one wants to bump into an old-looking bathroom with rusted and worn-out fixtures.

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Signs of Mould

If you have just discovered mold in the bathroom, it’s time to get the problem fixed. Especially if you see dark patches around the vanity, it could be that the cabinet and the surrounding walls have already turned into a breeding ground for mould and mildew.

It is a major concern to take care of immediately after you notice. Mold infestation calls for immediate fixing, which means a remodeling is necessary lest the situation will not only lead to property damage but at the same time will mean compromising on the quality of indoor air, resulting in health issues. We will suggest that apart from remodeling the bathroom you should invariably consider getting discount bathroom cabinets from the GEC cabinet depot.

Your Vanity Looks Old

Now, the problem is when you find that the bathroom decor is a mismatch for the old vanity, you surely need to get it replaced. Since you have invested a huge amount of money to bring in newness to the bathroom décor, it’s useless to have that one thing to ruin it all. If the bathroom vanity looks really old, you need an update, choose from a wide range of stylish bathroom vanities wholesale.

It’s Obstructing the Plumbing System

Bathroom plumbing systems give the worst ever nightmares to homeowners. Whether it’s a clogged sink or an overflowing toilet or water leaks, plumbing systems need to be taken care of before they entirely bring damage to property. If you have been noticing problems with the plumbing system but are unable to proceed with a fix because the vanity is obstructing the system, we will suggest you get the old cabinet disposed of and get a new one instead. Get the vanity installed in an area so that it doesn’t obstruct the plumbing lines.


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